Ladies Jewellery

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Murrle Bennett Bracelet Opal and Diamond Ring Victorian Locket c1890 Diamond Ring Sapphire and Diamond Ring Ruby and Diamond Ring c.1905 Murrle Bennett Bracelet Art Deco Ruby Ring c1880 Bracelet c1900 French Ruby and Diamond Ring Amethyst Riviere C1880 Bracelet Cocktail Watch Diamond Earrings Sapphire and Diamond Brooch Opal and Diamond Ring Art Nouveau Pendant Victorian Locket Sapphire and Diamond Ring Enamel and Diamond Bracelet Jade Jabot Pin Diamond Swallow Brooch Enamel and Diamond Brooch. Garnet Collar Ruby and Moonstone Collar Emerald and Diamond Ring Sapphire and Diamond Bracelet Murrle Bennett Necklet Diamond Lorgnette Enamel Seal Emerald and Pearl Ring French Bracelet Aquamarine and Diamond Ring. Diamond and Ruby Monkey Brooch Ruby and Diamond Watch Synthetic Blue Spinel and Diamond Ring c 1890 Butterfly Brooch Diamond Eternity Ring c1890 Enamel and Diamond Brooch. Enamel and Diamond Ring c1900 Pearl and Enamel Clover Brooch c1880 Silver Collar c1905 Diamond and Pearl Pendant on Chain c1928 Sapphire and Diamond Ring c1870 Ruby and Pearl Locket and Chain c1960 Flowers Brooch c1905 Diamond Ring c1830 Pomander c1880 Agate Brooch c1880 Agate Brooch c1890 Tourmaline Necklace c1905 Enamel and Pearl Brooch c1890 Diamond Star Brooch Pearl and Diamond Sautoir c1905 Diamond Ring Pearl and Diamond Ring c1905 Ruby and Diamond Pendant c1915 Ruby and Diamond Ring c1886 Austro-Hungarian Necklace Vict 1883 Silver Locket Diamond Trembler Brooch c1915 Gem Set Dragonfly Pendant c1830 Locket c1890 Pearl Ring c1880 Locket c1890 Brooch c1880 Brooch Boucheron Diamond Ring c1910 Enamel Necklet Turquoise Necklace Ruby and Diamond Ring Fly Brooch Coral Necklace